Mosaic Grand Tour

Elesta Travel - Grand Mosaic Tour
ELESTA TRAVEL, Italian leader in art travel packages, designed a journey for mosaic enthusiasts.

The MOSAIC GRAND TOUR takes you through the Ateliers of famous Mosaicists, the Smalti factories, and the most important Mosaic Schools in North Italy.

You get the chance to see how Tesserae (the tiny pieces of which the mosaic is made) are still realized by hand, and learn from the amazing use of mosaic in ancient art for Decorations of Churches and Palaces.

The tour includes the Mosaic School in Spilimbergo, where it is possible to admire in one building centuries of mosaic making history.

The journey terminates with a 2 day class at Ravenna Mosaic School.

NOVEMBER 4-14, 2018

APRIL 14-24, 2019

MAY 15-25, 2019

SEPT 4-14, 2019

OCT 27 – NOV 6 , 2019

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